Treasure Island Marina

(613) 548-1239
1753 Highway #2, East Kingston, Ontario K7L 4V1

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We are a full service marina offering annual & summer mooring, winter storage, gas, diesel, pump out, mechanic services, launch ramp, parking, clean showers, washroom facilities, laundry facilities and a Great Southern style Restaurant.

We are the areas newest Nydock dealership providing floating docks,swim platforms and dock kits with a lifetime warranty! 

We also specialize in small dredging projects, new docks and dock repairs, water front landscaping, installations and weed harvesting.


Please call or email for a free estimate. 613-548-1239

Our Rates

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We provide quality marine repairs with 2 certified Technicians onsite that specialize in inboard and outboard engine repairs. Our goal is to provide a quality, professional marine service facility to works with you to keep your boat looking and running great all season long.


All prices are subject to applicable taxes. Prices may change without notice.

Need repairs?

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Treasure Island Marina 2017 Rates

Mooring Rates Per Foot Facilities
Annual Fees Best rate
Docks A,B,C,E & G 24’ to 30’ fingers $59.00 Includes; Mooring, wifi, washrooms, laundry, garbage and parking.
Docks D,F,H & J 20’ to 24’ fingers $57.00 Includes; Mooring, wifi, washrooms, laundry, garbage and parking.
Dock I – Premium dock 35’ & 40’ fingers $61.00 Includes; Mooring, wifi, washrooms, laundry, garbage and parking.
Monthly $21.00 Includes; Mooring, wifi, utilities, washrooms, laundry, garbage and parking.
Weekly $10.00 Includes; mooring, utilities, washrooms, garbage and Parking (car or trailer is an additional $50.00 per week – 7 Days)
Transient (Daily) $1.50 Includes; mooring, utilities, washrooms and garbage. Car & Trailer parking is 10.00 per day.
Seasonal Utilities 15 Amp $250.00
30 Amp $320.00
50 Amp $380.00
Pump out service 25.00 per boat – due to holding tank expenses **House boats add 10.00 per pump out**

Storage Rates, Trailer & Crane Fees
Summer Storage $20.00 Per Foot Launch/Haul out With trailer $7.00 / foot
Winter Storage $20.00 per foot Launch/Haul out With Crane $12.00 / foot
Stands $3.00 / foot Step & unstep Mast Boom truck $175.00
Blocking $2.00 / foot
Cradle / trailer $150.00 / season

Additional Services
Bottom Power wash $2.00 per foot Boats with bottom coat paint
Chemical hull wash $4.00 per foot Fiber glass boat bottoms
Clean, wash or wax $50.00 per foot
Full mechanical services $95.00 per foot Email or call office
Marine Boat towing-on water $150.00 per foot
Shrink wrap $15.00 per foot under 20 $18.00 / foot 20’ on over
Doors / hatches / access $25.00 each
Boat transport services Arranged through the office